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Oil and Gas Exploration – Today and Tomorrow

Most people today are well aware of horizontal drilling and the drastic impact that this relatively new well completion technique has had on oil and gas production in our country.  Thanks to horizontal drilling and fracking being performed by the vast majority of oil and gas companies today, Americans can now celebrate the fact that our country is no longer dependent on foreign sources for natural gas and well on its way to oil independence.  Oil and gas companies continue to discover new areas for successful exploration and are returning to abandoned areas previously thought to have little or no potential for commercial oil and gas production.


New exploration techniques have helped create countless millionaires throughout our country over the last decade, but the reality is that most mineral and royalty interest owners that are counting on a huge pay day through oil and gas production from their properties are generally left very disappointed. Major oil and gas companies lease considerably more land than they can possibly drill and unless your property happens to fall in one of their higher rated areas, the odds of you ever seeing anything over and beyond your original lease bonus check are extremely slim. And then when other factors are considered such as the possibility of a dry or poor producing well being drilled, the rapid depletion of most oil and gas reservoirs, or a severe drop in oil or gas prices, most economists and financial analysts would consider the speculation for oil and gas production as a high risk proposition.

As a mineral interest owner, you’ve no doubt had people tell you that you should never consider selling your mineral interests and, if those interests are located in a prime production area and you’re confident your lands will be drilled within your lifetime, holding onto those interests could make perfect sense. But if you have more questions than answers about the future value of your asset it might be time to take a close look at your options. Uncertainty about the oil companies drilling plans, fluctuations in oil and gas prices, and the rapid depletion of production for wells in the area, is convincing many mineral and royalty interest owners to reduce or eliminate their risk by converting their interest into a lump sum cash payment.

Apache Land and Royalty

Apache Land and Royalty is a company based in Littleton, Colorado, that specializes in the acquisition of mineral, royalty and working interests in most of the active oil and gas exploration basins throughout the country.  With over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry providing title and leasing services to oil and gas companies of all sizes while working closely with literally thousands of mineral interest owners, this team of seasoned veterans has developed a unique ability to help mineral and royalty interest owners in realizing the maximum return on their properties.  By focusing on the long term potential of an asset and spreading the associated exploration risk across numerous properties, Apache is able to pay mineral and royalty interest owners top dollar for their interests quickly and painlessly at absolutely no cost to the owner.

Earn Cash for Referrals!

Apache Land and Royalty welcomes referrals for the possible acquisition or leasing of mineral interests owned by family members, friends, and neighbors and is prepared to pay generous finder’s fees for any leads that become Apache customers. Please give us a call if you would like to find out more about how this unique referral program might put great money in your pocket! 888-428-4811

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